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This is the second installment of Kaoru Hayashi's Okinawa Photobook, A Trip to Okinawa 2: Strolling around Naha and xiduwadehu.gq product isn't a comprehensive.
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Most are accompanied by a map internet connection required indicating where each photograph was taken. My hope is that it both serves as a reference for travel to Okinawa and inspires people to want to learn more about Naha and Shuri. Note The information included in this application was accurate at the time of writing. Please be aware that things may change in the future.

Port of Naha

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Okinawa Travel Japan Guide: What to do in Naha? #071/ Naha, Okinawa, Japan

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Lillian Natsue Uehara Morgan. Peter Ninnes. Rachel Bladon. Japan's World Heritage Sites. John Dougill. Jack Goldstein. Tokyo Sights and Insights. Ryosuke Kami. Tokyo New City Guide. We find ourselves in Nago vicinity, closer to the beaches, the resorts and the famous aquarium. We find there affordable lodging which the very welcoming owner shows us a point on a map.

The place is definitely very quiet, nobody there, no parking, we access this place with a small path in between the groves, but we got told to continue and explore further away than the secret beach. Those are our first aching adventures in the Ryukyu lands. We always think Okinawa as heavenly white beaches but reality is slightly different : the islands are composed of sharp sedimentary rocks mainly limestone from the coral reefs that hurt our feet.

On another hand, the limestone is efficiently used to build roads, castles and houses and is highly responsible for the Okinawa look. Today, cement is commonly used instead for its solidity and easy maintenance. This place is wonderful. Many thanks to our host! This recent aquarium is a pure pleasure. The sight is so beautiful we dare not leave. Believe me, do not think of setting foot on Okinawa without ever visiting the Aquarium! Who ever dreamt of eating a pizza in the skies? No jokes! Here we are, the fabulous marketing idea of this pizza shack located on top of a mountain is hard to avoid; and not only for us, but also for all the strangers and Japanese tourists who come here and wait in line.

It is quite hard to figure out the way to come here but it looks not to be a hurdle for anybody. After an hour wait out of season! Everybody is tailor dressed, the weather is wonderful, and the ambiance and the setting is lovely.

Okinawa: From Naha To Nago | Offbeat Japan

The pizza is salami, peppers and garlic. There is no choice to be made except for the drinks. The pizza is very good even if the setting is probably the thing doing it good. Visiting the Okinawa main island is interesting without being a total stand out experience. The kingdom looks to be stuck between two eras and not being able to breathe freely… for now!

Our trip in the islands goes further and the best is yet to come…. Located in the cool depths of a mine, in the heartlands of central Japan, the design of this neutrino detector is mind-boggling. Curious to know how Roppongi would look like during a typhoon? So here it is!

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Roppongi during the Typhoon Roke. A very short article, but on time for once ;. It is a very sunny winter morning. The sun is high, not a cloud in the sky.

Appalled by the gigantic Christmas tree, I instantly dropped into the Disney dreamworld. This is a favorite spot among Japanese urban explorers but despite its outside, I have never dared to explore it. After showing respect to every monument in Pyongyang, it is now time to inspect some of the impressive facilities North Korea beholds.

Here we are in the middle of the mountains, in the Izu Peninsula. Under dense vegetation, there is a resort once popular with the Japanese from Fukuoka and Tokyo. This is the water park "Sports World". Up early in the morning and departure for the Ibaraki prefecture. I rent a car there to travel with my friend Satoshi and see the haikyos. I have many haikyos on my list today, but I would mention the two most important I am Jordy Meow, a French photographer based in Tokyo.